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Annual Report

The 2022 Annual Report describes Paraburdoo Primary School’s performance for the school year.

This report provides details of student performance in academic and non-academic areas, and outlines the progress we have made in implementing the key strategies outlined in our 2021 -2023 Strategic Business Plan. Importantly it also describes the extent to which we have achieved the key performance indicators we set and outlines the major achievements of our students, staff, Board and community.

Additionally this report also describes the outcomes of our financial and human resource management.

The Annual Report presents a summary of the extent to which we have addressed this agreement and identifies priorities for the next year. We hope it provides you with a valuable insight into the continuous cycle of improvement and school development that guides our work at Paraburdoo Primary School.



This Plan serves as a guide for all members of the learning community on how to achieve our vision.

It sets the future directions that will ensure the achievement of sustainable improvements across all areas of the school’s operations.

The Focus Areas are devised at a strategic level, taking a “whole of school” approach. Operational plans will also be developed in key areas that will describe in detail the key actions required to implement the strategies in this Strategic Business Plan.

Through a collaborative approach to engage our staff, the students, their families and the local community, the outcomes of this plan will be optimised.

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