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School Hours

The School day starts at 8.10am and concludes at 2.10pm.

If students are arriving late, leaving early or attending appointments during school hours they must be signed in/out through the school office.

Bell Times

8:10 am - School program commences
10:10 am  - Morning recess
10:30 am - School program re-commences
12:30 pm - Lunch
1:00 pm - School program re-commences
2:10 pm - Students dismissed


Parents are asked to ensure that children do NOT arrive at school prior to 7:40 am, nor remain after 2:30 pm. Staff are not rostered for playground duties outside of these times so children’s supervision and safety cannot be guaranteed. Children arriving between 7:40am and 8:10am must go directly to the junior undercover area to be supervised by school staff.

During school hours the children are strictly under the responsibility and care of the school staff.  No child is permitted to leave the school grounds without prior approval of the parents or knowledge of the school administration.  If parents need to collect their child/children during school hours, they need to inform either the classroom teacher or the school administration.  All students are to be collected from the office.


Did you know...

It is widely recognised that students need to attend school on a regular basis to gain the maximum benefit from schooling in order to optimise their life opportunities.

The School Education Act 1999 requires compulsory aged students, to attend school, or participate in an educational program of a school.

Although there is no legal requirement in the School Education Act 1999 for pre and post-compulsory aged students to enrol in a school, there is an expectation that once enrolled, students will attend on a regular basis, and positive attendance patterns should be fostered with all students by schools.

Student Absences

Regular attendance is vital to student progress.

Parents are legally obliged to:

  • Ensure regular, punctual student attendance; and

  • Promptly provide a verbal or written explanation for student absences.


In accordance with the Department of Education’s Student Attendance Policy, it is a requirement that an explanation of a student’s absence is provided within three school days from the start of the absence.

Students who need to leave the school grounds for any reason, must have a note from their parent or guardian and be signed out/in through the school office. 

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