School Hours

The School day starts at 8.10am and concludes at 2.10pm.

If students are arriving late, leaving early or attending appointments during school hours they must be signed in/out through the school office.

Bell Times

8:10 am - School program commences
10:10 am  - Morning recess
10:30 am - School program re-commences
12:30 pm - Lunch
1:00 pm - School program re-commences
2:10 pm - Students dismissed


Parents are asked to ensure that children do NOT arrive at school prior to 7:40 am, nor remain after 2:30 pm. Staff are not rostered for playground duties outside of these times so children’s supervision and safety cannot be guaranteed. Children arriving between 7:40am and 8:10am must go directly to the junior undercover area to be supervised by school staff.

During school hours the children are strictly under the responsibility and care of the school staff.  No child is permitted to leave the school grounds without prior approval of the parents or knowledge of the school administration.  If parents need to collect their child/children during school hours, they need to inform either the classroom teacher or the school administration.  All students are to be collected from the office.


School Uniform

Dress Code

Paraburdoo Primary School strongly encourages our students to wear our appropriate school uniform at all times. Wearing our school uniform serves a number of purposes.

  • School morale and tone can be lifted through the wearing of a uniform

  • A school uniform enhances the child’s sense of belonging to their school group. It also encourages a sense of pride in their individual appearance and as a member of the school community

  • A school uniform is a more economically viable means of providing appropriate dress standards

  • Wearing our school uniform removes the competition to wear designer and other fad clothing

  • A school uniform does not impose upon each child’s individuality but reflects an attitude of respect and conformity to community standards

  • For children on excursions, our school uniform can easily identify our students which is a safety factor for supervision. 


The Paraburdoo Primary School Uniform consists of a school polo shirt with black shorts, skirt  or pants. Hats are to be black bucket style or wide brim. School jackets are available for purchase each year, however any plain black jumper or jacket without a hood is acceptable.


For safety reasons, safe footwear is to be worn at all times. Thongs, for example, are not considered to be safe footwear.


Inappropriate items, such as jewellery, large earrings etc, that can present a safety hazard are also not allowed. Please ensure that all items belonging to a child are identified with the child’s name to avoid them becoming lost. For special occasions (eg excursions, sports carnivals etc.) children must be dressed appropriately .

Uniforms are availalble to purchase through the school office, Monday to Friday 7.30am - 3pm.