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Paraburdoo Primary School hosts and is involved in many events throughout the year. For more detailed information on upcoming events, please check the term planner, newsletters, Facebook & Connect.


Assemblies are held every few weeks and include items from a designated class (refer to the term planner for assembly dates and host class).

The class hosts the assembly and includes learning experiences from class or acts learned for the assembly.

Assemblies also include merit certificate awards and special recognitions.

Senior Camp

To enable our senior class to bond and become leaders in our school we organise a yearly camp. This camp incorporates fun, learning and team building and has visited such places as Perth, Canberra, Broome, Point Perron, Coral Bay and Dampier.  This year our students enjoyed their camp in Dampier. 

Presentation Night

Presentation Night is held at the end of the school year (December) and showcases an item from each class and presentations are given for student achievements. Individual students from each class are recognised for their hard work throughout the year and whole school awards are also presented. Presentation Night is a fantastic night where parents, family and friends can celebrate a successful school year with staff and students.


Paraburdoo Primary School is proud to be involved with the NAIDOC Day (National Aboriginies and Islanders Day Observance Committee) celebration on an annual basis.

Sports Carnivals

Paraburdoo Primary School is involved in several sporting carnivals, both intraschool and interschool, throughout the year. These days showcase the abilities of our students and promote participation, enjoyment and team spirit.


Our Faction Swimming Carnival is held in Term 1 and Faction Athletics Carnival is held in Term 3.


Throughout the year we invite a wide variety of visiting performers for the enjoyment and engagement of our students. Groups range from authors, Scitech, Constable Care, sporting clinics, dance and musical groups. These incursions provide students with unique experiences which enriches their learning

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