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School Board

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

The most recent Board meeting welcomed Alyse Anderson as a new member. Alyse is a community member with experience on a School Board in a large, private school, and has a history and passion for contributing to school communities.

The Board also elected Philip Boatright as the Chairperson, following Sarah Johnston’s recent departure.

A motion was carried that the Board would now be made up of 9 members; the previous was 11-13 which has been a challenge to fill in recent years. The 9 members include 5 parent/community representatives, the Principal, and 3 school staff. We shall be inviting a new community and staff member to join the Board in the very near future. The School’s Manager of Corporate Services attends as a recorder and with expertise in school finances, however is not an active participant or voter.

The parent representatives have been tasked with creating a Parent Charter in relation to behaviours and expectations in terms of supporting students and the school. An opportunity to contribute to this will present itself at a P&C meeting, and in general conversation with Board members.


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